What kind of parent are you?

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When my sons used to ask me to play with them, I’d say, “yes, after I’ve finished this.” Most of the time that time never came, not because I didn’t want to play with them, but because there were things that needed to get done. 

Then when I did play with them, they would be sharing details of a story and I’d be getting distracted and not really present with them. 

I’d feel guilty that I never had enough time with them and I’d be overwhelmed by my never ending list of things to do. 

Turns out, I lacked some understanding about myself.  I did a leadership assessment and discovered I valued routine and getting things done over going with the flow and I valued big picture thinking over details. I wasn’t motivated or energised by going with the flow  or detailed stories, no wondering I found playing with children so hard! 


There is no greater leadership challenge than parenting.    ~Jim Rohn

By learning and understanding my motivations I gained some flexibility in areas that mattered to me, like playing with my children. Understanding that’s how they build their sense of self and connection with us. It’s also helped me to understand my children’s motivations in more detail, communicate with them in their preferred style  and connect more deeply with them.

I’ve been able to build on my strengths in parenting and develop my blind spots (like why I always used to look to experts for parenting advice, instead of  trusting my own abilities with my children).

Do you know what kind of parent you are, [First Name]? Are you leveraging your strengths and developing your blind spots in parenting? 

If you’re a leader in your workplace, you’ll have no doubt been through some sort of leadership profiling. And if you haven’t been through one then maybe now’a good time to consider it. Leaders that play to their strengths and understand their blind spots are able to be their best, lead others to be their best whilst juggling multiple other plates at the same time. It makes sense as busy parents that we are doing the same.  

In the next week, I’ll be announcing a brand new online workshop called Understanding Your Parent Leadership Style where you can take a leadership assessment to discover your own motivations and understand how self-awareness of your personal parenting style will exponentially improve the way you parent. If that sounds like your thing, look out for it

Thriving as a Parent

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