Smart Parenting

How to Develop Your Child’s Mindset, Resilience and Courage for the Future of Work

Are you concerned about the gap between what your child is being taught at school and the rapidly changing job market?

Are you worried about the increasing stress placed on your child and the growing mental health problems of our younger generation?

You are not alone. The future our children are growing up into is so different from what we know, and with the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics, the future of work is almost unimaginable.

The good news is there is so much you can do as a parent to prepare your child for the future of work. We may not know what skills they will require for jobs that have not yet been created, but there are skills we can learn as parents that will equip our children with the capability, creativity and resourcefulness that is key to this new world. This book will show you how.

Dina Cooper has been sharing these skills with parents for seven years, helping them to take the pressure off themselves, become more confident in their parenting and build deeper connections with their children.

About the Author

Dina Cooper is a leadership coach, speaker, author and trainer specialising in parenting. She helps busy parents to thrive at home, at work and in life.

Dina’s cutting-edge methodology integrates communication,
motivation, beliefs and emotion so parents feel more productive at work and more present at home.

Her clients include parents, schools and organisations.

Dina’s new book ‘Smart Parenting’ and her vision of the future of work and how we can help children own the magnificence of who they truly are, needs to be read and embodied by every parent.

Dr John Demartini
International best-selling author of The Values Factor.

After reading Dina’s book I have learnt what it means to be available to my kids. I have taken the pressure off myself to be all things to all people and I now prioritise what’s most important for me and my family.

I try to lead by example when it comes to communication – I no longer shout at my kids telling them to stop shouting! I have seen the benefits of these positive changes in my kids – in particular, my daughter who was often overwhelmed with her emotions, she now is comfortable in knowing it’s OK to have these feelings and we can talk about how she’s feeling to work through it together.

This book is full of wonderful tips and insights that help me every day with life as a parent.

Mum and Business Owner

Dina, your Smart Parenting book is superb. Parents everywhere truly need to read this. It will change their lives – and their children’s lives – for the better.

Tony Ryan
Education Futurist, author of The Next Generation

Dina Cooper I’ve just finished your book. So informative, inspirational and practical. The concepts were easy to grasp, I loved the client examples and case studies. You write in a relatable, succinct way that opens up another perspective on how we can parent and prepare our child for the future.

Fiona Craig
Mum and Author of Stuck in a Rut

Can’t recommend this book enough – practical and clear advice and knowledge to become the best version of ourselves that we can be, so that we can then facilitate raising the next generation to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. Blown away by how clearly distilled the “self” leadership skills have been described.

Goran Seletković
Dad and Futurist