Saying No to School Volunteering

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My son graduates from primary school this year. It’s an exciting time for him as he enjoys the strong friendships he has formed over the past 7 years and carves out his next steps for high school. 

There was a call out for help with the graduation events and I volunteered. Here’s what I offered:

“Hi, I’m happy to help.

Some of the things I can help with are: • Capturing emotions on photos or in words • Organising people to get together • Rallying kids!

Not so great at:• Graphic design • Detailed planning/Project Planning

Let me know how I can contribute?


This morning I got a request to help with a video and I responded with:


I can do photo compilations. Videos is another skill level.. better suited to someone else with more interest/experience than I have.

Let me know how I can help with other bits and pieces?



Did you get a reaction to my response? Did you feel that I was being too picky? A few years ago, I would have too. Here’s why being able to say No is so important as a modern day parent:

In the Parent as Leader masterclass I obsess about being the Author of Your Energy. If you don’t command where your energy goes, other things or people will. Not intentionally. However, the stronger command will always win. It hasn’t always been easy for me to author my energy. I hadn’t taken taken time to get to know myself, I worried too much about others opinions, I thought my worth was dependant upon my ability to say YES. Which left very little energy for my children, my partner, my dreams and my family.

“You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” Napoleon Hill

And of course I want to contribute to the school. Whilst I’m not a sewer, a crafts person or yoga teacher, I volunteer my expertise to my children’s school and activities in other ways. I’ve run leadership sessions for teachers, I’ve motivation coached my sons soccer team, I’ve helped in kitchen classes and a myriad of other ways. All ways that give me energy (not drain it). Know what gives you energy and do that.

What energises you?

Thriving as a Parent

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