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Strong relationships between parents and teachers enable both to thrive. When parents and teachers thrive, children thrive.

It’s no secret that teachers are most challenged by the expectations and the concerns of parents and whilst there is no magic bullet, there are many ways to make the relationships schools and teachers have with parents stronger.

We know that the landscape is changing for the way children are being led for the future of work. As the author of Smart Parenting – How to Develop Your Child’s Mindset, Courage and Resilience for the Future of Work, Dina will share with you leadership skills essential for the future and the future of work.

We can help your school to:

Understand what parents really want

Help parents and teachers develop personal leadership strategies to relieve tension

Develop effective communication techniques to reduce complaints and negativity

Here’s how we can help 

Evening and daytime 1-hour talks online or in person for parents

Teacher as Leader program – helping teachers develop cutting edge leadership skills

Teacher Topics include:

Resilience for Teachers

Extreme Self-care

Powerful communication

Developing strong parent-teacher relationships
Leading tomorrow’s leaders

Parent Topics include:

Aligning family and work
Developing strong parent-teacher relationships
Leading tomorrow’s leaders

What teachers say they loved about the Teacher as Leader sessions:

“The mindset concepts are so simple but life changing.”

“Less anxiety and worry.”

“Mental calmness”

“Understanding when to let things go”

“Greater self-confidence”

What schools say they loved about the Teacher as Leader Sessions:

“Bonding. Understanding.”

“Work life balance”

“More empathy for each other and parents”

“Closer relationships through sharing honestly”

Enquire about Teacher as Leader or Parent Sessions for your school today:

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