At Home

You want to give your child the attention they need from you.

If you’re lucky, you get 2-2.5 hours with your child after work each day. In that time, there’s so much going in their lives: activities, homework, downtime. And so much going on for you: finishing work, managing dinner, baths and tantrums.

You fear you don’t have enough time with your child. And feel more stretched with each additional child.

When you’re tired, you get frustrated and you know you shouldn’t shout. But all the things you know about raising children, leadership and yoga go out the window as you feel your child pushing your buttons even more.

You want to feel calm, fun and more energetic.

You also want to yell less and be happier each day.

But instead, you find yourself repeating yourself because your child refuses to listen and cooperate.

All of which degrades the quality of time you have together.

Add to this feeling like you’re doing a lot of the parenting yourself.

Maybe you don’t like the way your partner is doing certain things or maybe certain things are not getting done. Unless you remind and repeat, in which case it’s easier to do it yourself.

Or perhaps you’re partner does so much, you don’t feel as involved as you would like.

In either case, resentment is building.

Quality time with your child is rarely about quality time with your child. It’s about working through the things that are draining your energy, sucking out the daily fun and zapping the limited time you have each day. 

Parent as Leader
Dad and Boy
Parent as Leader is about making the moments you have with your child, quality and meaningful to you both. By understanding your leadership style, becoming deliberate about your time and energy and honing leadership skills unique to your child, you can give your child the quality attention they need from you.

For decades, leaders have received leadership development to be better leaders. To develop themselves to manage multiple priorities without burnout, to bring out the best in each of their people, whilst keeping the team striving towards their goals.

As working parents today, we need the same. Strategies to focus on priorities, bring out the best in your children in the short moments of time you have with them, whilst ensuring you are track with raising them to be great human beings.

Parent as leader marries the best leadership strategies with parenting. To help you enjoy parenting, bring out the best in your child and do it in the short bursts of time you have.

There are three parts to Parent as Leader: 

Lead yourself

Develop and sustain the wellness and energy that enables you to enjoy and be active with your child
Find a balance between doing necessities (managing) and helping your child grow (leading)
Give your child and your partner (if you have one) your best rather than feel stressed
Learn what energises and inspires you in work, family and play and do more of it.

Lead your family

Hone the skills that enable you to work and grow together as a family
Get on the same page with your partner on your parenting vision and values
Organise and prioritise your family time to what’s most important to your family
Establish regular, healthy family communication

Lead your child

Gain clarity on what to develop in your child to help them own their potential
Understand your child’s motivations
Develop flexibility and adaptability to communicate with your child in a way they can hear you
Facilitate your child to develop unconditional self-esteem
Leading yourself, leading your family and leading your child, in this order helps your child to know:

They matter

They are loved

They are understood

Developing all three parts of leading yourself, leading your family and leading your child is what enables you and your child to thrive.

There are three ways Parent as Leader can help you

Kylie Ryan

I recently had coaching with Dina Cooper. I let go of unconscious baggage, which was interfering with my ability to be fully present with my children, especially my daughter.

Since the coaching my daughter has been coming in for cuddles in bed sometimes now, and even asking for tummy tickles and more physical affection! Huge, huge change. And she and I have also had wonderful hours of quality time together.

Dina has incredible skills as a parenting coach. If you feel like you would like to be more of your best self with your children, reach out to her, I cannot recommend her work highly enough.
Kylie Ryan – Mum to 2 ages 3 & 5, Entrepreneur

Abby Waters

Dina’s expertise, support and guidance helped me overcome obstacles I’d been struggling with for a very long time. I am now armed with a bunch of useful skills and tools that I put into practice every time new challenges arise. I have never had a greater sense of self and understanding of what makes me happy. I’m so grateful to Dina helping me to reach this point and would recommend her to anyone!

Abby Waters – Mum to 1, age 3 and Finance Director

Sally Wiseman

I gained a whole new way of looking at life with positivity, ambition and being proud of being who I am. I am a better person and mum to my children as I have confidence and understanding on what my values and beliefs are and I’m not afraid of being challenged on those or have a fear of failing anymore. I’m so enjoying the kids and life at the moment and am pausing and relishing in my kids and family everyday.

Sally Wiseman – Mum to 2, ages 7 and 11