Why have parent coach?

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Growth and development are important to you or you wouldn’t be here, reading this blog.
Yet, we know that no amount of information that you acquire changes a thing, unless it’s implemented, right?
And implementation is taking what you know and doing it.
You know what to eat to be nutritionally balanced. Yet, it doesn’t stop you from grabbing that thing you know you shouldn’t from the fridge. 
You know to take regular breaks, to give yourself some space, yet all your time gets filled up with doing what needs to be done.
You know not to yell at your kids, yet when you’ve had a full day or week and given so much of yourself to work, there’s not much of the good stuff left for your family.
In all of these situations, you know what to do. You don’t need anyone else to tell you what that is.
When you’re done with knowing what do but not doing it, that’s one place a parent coach can help  in closing the knowing-doing gap.
“I absolutely believe that people unless coached, never reach their maximum potential” Bob Nardelli 
The second reason, is you know that you are not operating at your potential right now and want day to day parenting to be better and you know for that to happen, you need to be better. Even though you might not know what needs to change, you know something does and it’s time to do something about it. 
The best performers utilise coaching in sport, in leadership, in education and many other aspects of life, to reach their best. It make sense we can utilise coaching to parent at our best too. 

Thriving as a Parent

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